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Location: new york
Member Since: 4th Aug 2001
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Posted:when can we get that!!!soon i hope......please i really want those....


Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Bristol, UK
Member Since: 19th Dec 2001
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Posted:Thanks Tom!


Location: England
Member Since: 10th Sep 2001
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Posted:They wrap fine.. even having two 9inch heads...Tomedit: Oh.. I have noticed that my green stick is much brighter than the blue and red (proberly the least bright) ones.. anyone noticed the same or got any ideas why??[This message has been edited by Tom (edited 26 February 2002).]


Member Since: 18th Oct 2001
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Posted:i just got my blue ones yesterday!! I was SO excited. I played with them for about 30 minutes, until I decided to do the 5 beat and got the timing a little off bringing them across my body. Needless to say, I HAVE NEVER FELT PAIN LIKE THAT BEFORE!!! It's kinda funny because when I got 'em I was think, man, these things aren't as heavy as I thought they would be. They are!!So I have used them for about 30 minutes and I'm aleady thinking about modifying. Anyone else out there that has them let me know what you think.I'm probably going to order another set, and put the LED's on both sides. I've been debating about the color. I considered putting a sleeve in the center, with a plastic mirror on both sides to reflect the LED back and forth, from top to bottom. If I can figure out how to do it, I'll probably use green on the top site, with the blue on the bottom, all in the same tube. This would raise a couple of problems with the connection of the glopoi to chain. I am thinking about securing the poi from the top, so I can eliminate the cable running down the center, through the bottom. This presents me with another problem. If I put LED's in the tops, then at some point I'll need to remove them to replace the batteries. Securing at the top would complicate that, because that would require a strong hold, yet releasable to change the batteries. I'm not too worried about turning them on/off because I believe that the hole in the top could serve that purpose with the use of a small wire to flip the switch.Any thoughts, ideas??? Flaws with thought process?? Please let me know what ya think!!tone

Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
Member Since: 26th Sep 2001
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Posted:Malcolm, correct me if I am wrong, but this is a specially made product, right? I know this will open up a can of worms, so you can respond by email if you like, but is it possible to have the basic idea customized?What toneman just brought up of having different colors separated on either side of the tube gave me an idea. I have several sets of the RAV'N lights, and I love the effect very much. But they aren't very weighty, and it took some experimentation with some ideas off this site to protect them and spread the light. Is it possible to talk to the manufacturer and see if they can make some of these with the chip-controlled "red/green/blue" LED's. I am saving right now to get a bunch of stuff to support this site, and the electro-glo's are high on my list, but alternating color electro-glo's would be f**king amazing! I know you are a busy guy, but I know I would appreciate it a lot. Even if they only made a couple of sets for me.
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Posted:hey tone man,if the home of poi ones are the same as the ones that i've bought, you should know that the prototype version of it *did* have two LED units per poi. When i twirled these prototypes, they weren't that different. The final model is sealed at the handle end of the glowy bit instead of opening up for the other glow bit.So in short, YES it is brighter if you go through all that effort, in the same way that YES Britney spears will call you back if you keep ringing her.Clear!?Now back to my Tacos:
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mmm Tacos

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Location: England
Member Since: 10th Sep 2001
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Posted:Ok, I've finally got my double headed glow-poi pictures on the net.. here goes..




Location: Bristol, UK
Member Since: 4th May 2001
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Posted:Nice Pics Tom!

Are ANY of these different types of glowing poi brighter than the Ultra bright 5min glosticks from Omniglow?

I need to know!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps Malcom knows?

Have you tried all these types?


Location: England
Member Since: 10th Sep 2001
Total posts: 135
Posted:They're much much brighter than regular glowsticks, but I guess the 5 minute ones are too. As I haven't ever knowingly seen any of the Omniglow sticks I can't really compare the two I'm afraid.
One point I should mention is that the glopoi get slightly dimmer as the batteries die out. Not that I've noticed much with mine, I've probably had them lit for a couple of hours since I got them, but then they should last over 15 hours before you have to change the batteries. Well worth 50 for double headed glopoi that bright for that long!!

Lt Furlong
Location: Sydney
Member Since: 12th Apr 2002
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Posted:Excellent shots, Tom!
You've just sold me on some double headed glowpoi

old hand
Location: Edmonton, AB
Member Since: 30th Jul 2001
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Posted:It's all personal preference but i'd shuffle up your colors so the brighter colors one's are on the outside. Nice pics though

Location: uk, devon
Member Since: 15th Apr 2002
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Posted:wicked - pics r dead cool! really want some glopoi but no money for proper ones! was thinking about making glopoi with glo sticks but these wouldn't last long and would b expensive to keep replacing. any better ideas??
im new at this & don't fancy knocking myself out or setting myself on fire with the advanced glopoi or fire poi in shop! but really want to spin in the dark.

Veteran Member
Location: Tampa, FL, USA
Member Since: 30th Apr 2001
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Posted:ugh the anticipation!!!

My glowpoi are 10mins from me and I have to go to work!!! doh! The question is whether to be late for work to go get them.. hehehehehehe



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