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Posted:How do those people in the pictures section make those hundreds of colored trails w/ glowsticks? Is it just the speed of the camera, or some computer generated mod? <<This is my site>>

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Posted:Depending on your camera there are various techniques. First and foremost, turn off your flash. This will generally leave you an adequate trail.If you are using an SLR camera with adjustable shutter speeds then slow it right down and the trails get longer (and often the person less visible).For digital cameras it's a bit hit and miss. Good ones have a shutter speed simulator, others are poor quality and you get long trails anyway. The nice thing about digital cameras is you get instant results without having to pay for developing.I had thread on Digital Cameras a while back - try a search if you have one. Anyway, I'm no expert...

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Posted:yeah the main way to do it is to put the camera on a slow shutter speed here are some photos of me woth varying shutter speed, the there are two with very long exposure (4 and 8 secs) and some with only slightly long ones.
and while im here heres one of me fire breathing:[This
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