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Organized Kaos

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Posted:I was looking at the pictures and I saw that in one of them someone was swinging what looked like glowsticks of more than one colour(One is on page 18 and the other on page 19)does anyone know where to get these multicloloured glowsticks, or how to attatch more than one colour onto the rope to create that effect?------------------Do You ever Question Your life? Do You ever wonder Why? Do you ever see in Your dreams, All the castles in the Sky??

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DJ Dantana
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Posted:Sure, all you have to do is attach more than one color to the same spot to get a multi-color effect, it is best to use two or three different colors and not use any swivels, then you put some clear tape around the bottom to hold them together, that way when they randomly twist around you can see different colors from the same circle. you can also leave them untaped, but they will tend to stay apart at the ends and it creates a different effect (although still very pleasing to the eye).

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Christina aka Str0be

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Posted:the way mine are set up... i used parachute cord and braided three peices together.. about six inches from the handle i have a hook(that must be placed there while braiding).. for the top of the glowstick, and about 5 inches down is a plastic loop.. you slide the glowstick through the loop so the end is attached to the rope, then hook it at the top.. then another 6 inches down is another hook, then another loop.. and so on. i can put up to three glowsticks on each rope.. looks awesome but it's very heavy.. i could email you a picture if you want a better idea of how they're constructed.



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Posted:Keep in mind that the last one on page 19 is not glow sticks it is raveing party lights like photons.....i like to hook my glow sticks on key rings on shoe strings about 7 in apart.



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Posted:How would you set up poi to have the effect like the last picture on page 19? I'm new to building my own poi but would like to set something up that would give out that effect. Props to TaiGuy, it looks awesome.




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Posted:the last picture on page 19 was made using RAV'n lights like DIANNA said.. they're similar to photon lights, not glowsticks. if you do a search for them, you'll find all sorts of information on these neat lil toys.. including where you can buy them.
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Posted:hello,i post on and on our website we have rav'n lights on sale. the store link.and if you would like to become one of the dreamer please refer twilorabbit on your post so we can all welcome you..peace.


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