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el beardo
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Posted:firstly, i want malcolm to know that i hate him for turning me into a crazed fool who keeps trying to make stuff.secondly i want to thak malcolm for selling all these toys to play with. hehehehe.righty oh, ive got a three piece staff, and i was thinking that i might drill a hole through the end sections of the staff, at the end that goes into the handle. then, id put a small bar thru the hole. it would look like a "t", with the handle of the staff section forming the vertical part of it, and the little incy wincy bar forming the horizontal my little twisted head, i would then be able to swing each section like a club, using the bar to hook my fingers onto.what do the club swingers out there think? is there a reason why clubs have spheres/knobs on the end rather than bars?anyone else got ideas thoughts?malcolm, maybe u could get the manufacturers of the staff to incorporate something like this into the staff, so it could be a staff and clubs, and subsequent generations of fire addicts wouldnt have to go thru this drilling business?thanks for nayhelp folks.------------------Flame on!

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Posted:Good idea, but I would recommend fitting/using proper club swinging knobs over a T handle so that you learn how to do clubs properly. It really is worth the effort. You will learn heaps more compared to just having something to swing around. For cheap knobs check out drawer knobs at your local hardware store. Apparently you can get 1.5" wooden round knobs that works perfect by just drilling the hole all the way through. See this thread for more info.,
Concentrate Fire Equipment sell club knobs that screw straight into their three piece staff. Do a search for info on grips etc.
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Posted:Problem with a T-bar handle is that the club would only swing in the one plane, with a knob the club can swing 360 degrees.

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Posted:What Bendy said...The T-Grip will limit the number of moves enormously, I know, I tried to learn club swing with normal clubs (without the knobs) and I still haven't even mastered the basics.So instead of blaming my inability to learn, I've blamed not learning with knobs
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