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Posted:to whoever it was that said their dreads were their 'friends' ??!?!?!!? okay...(1) its ONLY *HAIR*. Dead cells.... "oh dead cells won't you please be my friend".(2) you need to seriously examine what your idea of having a LIFE is.

Posted:I have to say that years ago I went along to a double feature of Manga movies, expecting it to be like an animation I had been watching on an excellent program called Liquid Television. It wasn't.I was throughly disapointed by the simplistic, disgusting, dystopian junk.

Posted:It's not that I really object to it so much as a form of entertainment (hey, if you've not got anything better to do then why not watch the stylised violence, murder and rape? personally I find all those huge eyes most terifying) but that people can get so dragged into it all and identify with those 2D characters. It's the old - watch the video, buy the tshirt, form the clique, think yourself superior for being to name 250 different pokemon - style thing thats so objectionabe about it. ( I hope you got that little outflowing there). It's StarTrek all over again! Find your hobby, start to collect, begin to think yourself superior ....the next we know the books are burning and the death warrants are being signed! But you could object and say that it's a human quality i'm tirading against and not something inherent in manga?anime.....and you'd probably be right!!

Posted:For anyone who doesn't know.. manga can be as pointless as anything else - and that a lot of it does have a lot of needless pillage and rape. I also believe that *most* of the manga out there is bad. I don't understand what is 'cool' about a woman cocooning a man in a web she has just thrown from her nether regions between her legs. For this reason I haven't seen a lot of manga .. But there are some kickarse characters and storylines in both Ninja Scroll and Ghost In The Shell. (hmm can only think of 2 =( )That human quality (collect the merchandise learn as much info as you can) in the pokemon/star trek obsessors is something I don't subscribe to.. Lynley, hahaha you must have been slightly disappointed. I mean Liquid TV was and always seemed to be quality viewing. Though bizarre at times. But where is it now? =(

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