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Posted:I just got some Beaming Poi... and I to open the heavy duty clasp, so I can put my fire heads on the chain. Can anyonegll me how I would go about opening these clasps... with out breakng he clasp? Thanks! Scoot

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Posted:im still figuring this one out. finger nails seems to be the best option so far.



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Posted:They are quite stiff at first. You will not be able to break them. They are high temp sprung steel. You could try using a screw driver to ply them open as shown in the picture.
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Posted:Care should be taken when using a screwdriver to lever said clasps. Try putting it on a hard base such as a table. Not as some people might .....tum te tum....*tries to look innocent* on your leg. Much nastiness may ensue....Just thought you might like to know.

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Posted:I've never actually seen these things in person but I would suggest that you would first pry open the clasps a little bit (about a millimetre) first with a knife or screw driver. Then get two pieces of fishing wire or superfine metal cabling and then tie a loop at one end of each of the pieces. Then with the clamp slightly expanded place one loop over each hook and then pull. Although I have never actually seen these I presume that this might work thanks to malcolms pics.hope it helps


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