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Posted:I was wondering if anyone ordered a batery powered glowstick online lately. I've seen a fews sites that have them but I'm not sure whether I should buy them or not. Here are a few of the sites i found: on what you think of them

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Posted:Sear ch for information with this linkThey are good but you don't want to hit them together too much.

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Posted:In my humble opinion, they are complete and total crap. I bought some a couple of years ago for, I think, $15 US. The batteries went dead very quickly, and it cost another $10 apiece to put new ones in. The same night I did, I tipped them doing a BF and the fu%#ing things shattered into a bazillion pieces. Oh, and if you happen to hit anyone with them, it is almost certain that they will bleed.I am geting more and more turned on by photon lights wrapped in bubble wrap, or stuffed into an empty glowstick. As long as the battery door is fairly protected, or at least taped on, they are indestructable (or at least almost indestructable, anything's possible.)------------------I feel more like I do now then I did when I got here.PLUR(RE) ---J---

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Posted:the ones my g/f bought for me were from - they are MADE for poi - and balanced as well as fairly well weighted - they cost about 15 US and are said to be shatter proof, now these are what i started LEARNING with, so trust me, i've whacked these things against eachother, on concrete and my head (which isn't that far from indestructible plastic OR concrete...) the batteries do cost a pretty penny though, but will last you a while - they cost about 9 bucks to get new batteries for both of them but they should last you a good three or four days of spinnin at night for an hour straight - just don't buy crappy batteriesthe problem i find with photons is that they aren't bright enough for me... the light is just way too small, these though are like real glowsticks where they completely light up.------------------~ Tiger, Tiger, burning bright... ~

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