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Posted:anyone see the neat new toys @ Burger King?[i wasn't really there i swear.. err a friend picked them up for me, or something..]anyways... The Lord of the Rings light-up goblets have these neat little almost-half-sphere that removes from the bottom with 2 red LEDs on each.. on/off switch, replacable batteries and all.they're $1.99 each, so that makes for a cheap set of shoestring beaming poi for about $8!
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[still working on a good design, i'd hate to see them fly off and a poor lil raver get hurt @ the club tonight...]
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Mr Sock
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Posted:Wow. That's brilliant. They look like they'd be pretty durable too. Might have to give em a whirl, so to speak.
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------------------Tim Lund (Enfuego!!!)"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted" - Martin Luther King Jr.

Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted - Martin Luther King Jr.

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Posted:most of our BKs have disappeared lately.. went to one the other day and realized it had been stripped bare.. *shrug* *pout*wulff


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Posted:wulff: was it that one that was turned into that crappy little stirfry puke green looking thing? ;POh yea.. I bought one of those glasses.. just.. cause.. yea.. seeing as they're sorta squashed circles.. not perfectly round, would the extra wind resistance make them spin more, making your line twist up and affect they way they spin?-Orin

Once I cut my hand, but the wound was not part of me.
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