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Posted:So, if you were strandeed on a deserted island, what would you spin? Coconut poi, of course! I took a recent trip south and brought back a few coconuts for the peeps up north. We were husking them at a party where we were also spinning poi, and I wondered if the husk could be used to make poi. Sure enough, it can!http://vees.net/g2/image.html?id=5370&offset=55The next ten pictures in this series are acrually burning coconut husks soaked in kerosene!We also got some good pics of sparkley poi:http://vees.net/g2/image.html?id=5318&offset=4http://vees.net/g2/image.html?id=5362&offset=48http://vees.net/g2/image.html?id=5363&offset=49http://vees.net/g2/image.html?id=5416&offset=100http://vees.net/g2/image.html?id=5418&offset=102Wheeee!!!!-p.

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Posted:okay now that is bad ass. :P Looks like they stayed lit very well. How long did they burn???*files this away under the, "if I ever get stranded"*PLURRCRD




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Posted:Heh - before I looked at the picture, I had an image of a dude swinging whole coconuts on chains - ouch! and I thought beaming poi had a bad rep!!

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