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Posted:So, if you were strandeed on a deserted island, what would you spin? Coconut poi, of course! I took a recent trip south and brought back a few coconuts for the peeps up north. We were husking them at a party where we were also spinning poi, and I wondered if the husk could be used to make poi. Sure enough, it can! next ten pictures in this series are acrually burning coconut husks soaked in kerosene!We also got some good pics of sparkley poi:!!!!-p.

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Posted:okay now that is bad ass. :P Looks like they stayed lit very well. How long did they burn???*files this away under the, "if I ever get stranded"*PLURRCRD



Posted:ahh PJ. you da man
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Posted:Heh - before I looked at the picture, I had an image of a dude swinging whole coconuts on chains - ouch! and I thought beaming poi had a bad rep!!

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