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Posted:Looks like our jobs might get a bit safer, if this turns commercial as well as just for the armed forces..."CAMOUFLAGE make-up that can protect troops from the heat of explosions is being developed by British defence researchers...(continued story =
they say war isn't good for anything...
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Posted:Actually they say that war is good for "absolutely nothing SAY IT AGAIN!!!!"but I'm being picky
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Posted:Then I shall be friendly. Only 5 more dwarves to find. Apply now. Hurry before they're all gone....

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Posted:YAY bendy!!! you understand me!!!!!!! anyhoos i found out that that "Geeky" zink cream you can get is black light kinda..!

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Posted:Apparently washing powder is black light responsive too :-) its got sum stuff in it called "active whitner" i think thats righ tcuz my dad was doing sum experimenting with stuff cuz im still trying to figure out how to paint my walls :-) :-)


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Posted:Zink rules!!! lol.Man last time I saw that stuff I was in Grade 6.------------------May the fire of God burn its impression on your heart.

May the fire of God burn its impression on your heart.