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Posted:I guess everyone got the newsletter from HOP. Did you read the part when it said coming very soon... New friendly LED poi set. I was going to be purchasing a set of beaming poi. But now that I saw that I started thinking if I should wait for the new ones to come out. Anyone know when? My guess is that they'll be a tad lighter so they won't hurt so bad(hence the word friendly). Anyone have any input?Peter

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Maybe they're fluffy?
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Posted:These new LED modules are very light, much cheaper, but 1/4 of the brightness of the beamers. Think they are arriving next week sometime. Batteries are lighter and hence more expensive.More colour choice. Green, Blue, Red.No massive bruises expected from these smaller ones
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Posted:The LED poi are UNREAL, i got to have a play with some yesterday. weight has been a big issue with the design on them, mainly for comfort while you twirl, and less pain when you hit yourself.So far the lighter the rubber plugs/ stoppers on the end seam to be the real problem with the weight of them, and the batteries too, but i found that if they are in the centre of the poi, they arent to bad.

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