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Posted:well, this came about by chance, as do most great together with my fire crew last night, and someone just finished a new was a take off the rope dart, but instead of a dart, it had a friggin huge wick on the end. a 6" (that means inch ;-) cube of hybrid (cotten stuffed kevlar skin) wick. burned for EVER....and then the huge wick broke off the chain (prototype, cut the man some slack) and this flaming pumpkin went rolling across the parking the logical conclusion was for everyone (15-20 peeps) to gather in a circle for a game of 'kick the flaming pumpkin'...some used their hackysack skills, others soccer flair, and a good time was had by all...and a friend and i got a little 1-1 vollyball thing going for a couple of minutes...decided to quit before managing to contact the one metal nut that would've burned some sense into me... ;-)so i decide to light up poi of the ball...i go, soak, and spin out off to the chance would have it, a few seconds later the ball goes astray, and ignites my was beautifull...long story short, i now have plans for sewing together a soccer ball skin out of kevlar, and stuffing with cotten (no hot metal parts)...flame ignited goal-posts will be devised, and i shall introduce this new game on the playa for BM '02....feel free to steal my thunder and make your own flaming soccer balls..the world can never have too many fire-toysmuch love------------------this fire and i dance among the stars

this fire and i dance among the stars

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Posted:on the same lines,me and a mate once soaked a tenis ball in lighter fluid and well played tenis, every time the ball hit the floor in left a little flame for about a second.just add a flaming net a your away..just try not to hit it to far, into somones garden, it could be quite hard to nock on the door and ask for it back

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Posted:How about a flaming badminton birdie? Those don't tend to go as far off course. (Of course, you wouldn't get that cool effect on the bounce, like with a tennis ball, but it might look interesting when it turned around in mid-flight the way badminton birdies do...)



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Posted:what about kevlar underpants?


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Posted:Ooh great idea, now who can we get to try them out?Hey Bendy, Phuzzz has had this cool idea....

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Posted:That's ok - I don't wear underpants
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Posted:Underpants?I'm working on a wick for my apadravya industrial bar.


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