Posted:hey all,in my tireless (look mum, no tires!
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) effort to find advanced twirling resources I came across this page; main interest is in the rolls group of four vids near the bottom of the page. I'm wondering has anyone got any experience with these?I dont know much about american baton twirling, all I know is that top baton twirlers make really good fire twirlers
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Posted:Hey josh, have you tried looking up the marine corps silent drill team? they are an amazing spectacle to watch with rifles. they may give you some ideas...i think i am going to try and find something about them

anyone got a light?


Posted:while I think marine drill is really amazing to watch, I'm looking for something a little more dynamic
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HOWEVER - if you find anything post it
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Posted:dude if your looking for ways to spin a stick, then i would suggest that you concentrate on how your feet are moving. ive only just started coming to this site but ive been poiing in new zealand (home of the old style maori poi, fasten 4 pieces of rock to some flax string and go and hit people with them) for 5 years (ive been doing 2 butterflys for 2) and have been doing the staff for longer, and tae kwon do for 15 years. its been my experience that the more advanced moves (i cant find any of them on this site) are only possible if your feet are in the right place, or rather if your feet are heading to the right place, any way i'm keen to talk to anyone, i have a lot of knowledge on how the poi and staff can move, but in little old new zealand theres not a hell of a lot of people who are into fire like we all seem to be. if you have any questions or would like a chat you can get me at I'm always keen to learn what i can from people. i know that my style is a bit limited by my focus on the more martial aspects of traditional poi use and im sure there are some crazy moves out there id love to hear about!cheersjonathan


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Posted:i looked under the baton link at the bottom of the page. mmmm... neat idems for sale but sadly i could not see the fire baton or samoan fire knife pictures.
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Posted:Yeah Josh. Move your feet more
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