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does anybody know if there is fabric that is some how reactive with electrical currents and so lights up

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Fabric that lights up? That would be fab -- fabu, even.Sadly, I doubt that such a thing exists. If you can make do with just wire, you can get electro-luminescent wire (aka EL wire) from a variety of places online. comes to mind immediately; going to and searching on "electroluminescent wire", "el wire" and so on should get you quite a few others.I figure that if EL fabric existed, people would be making clothes for club kids out of it. Since I haven't seen any such things on the market, I expect it doesn't exist. But that's just theorizing, and doesn't mean squat compared to reality.
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Yeah, I made a suit with EL wire for halloween. Fun stuff. I got it from (they're nice folks). The thing you've got to be aware of with it is that it is *very* temperamental, and you'll quickly get dim or dark spots where there's frequent bending.

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of course, although its done to death, UV reactive clothing is a cheaper can get battery powered UVs and UV glowsticks to make you glow with no apparent power source (for mobile applications).Josh

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