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I've been looking for some sort of chemiluminescent glow balls for a couple of weeks now, but couldn't find them anywhere. I fancy the idea of two glowing orbs chasing eachother around intead of cheezy glowsticks, but i didn't want something that would break easy or be a one time use thing, or wouldn't glow bright enough. I decided i'm making my own. I've been experimenting with a few different methods. First i searched the web and found Glow golf balls. Very interesting, and almost right, but not quite, you see they would hurt like f**k if i hit myself, or some other poor party kid. I figured i needed something made of rubber, and a little larger than a golf ball. Started with hot glue and a pingpong ball for a mold, that didn't work too well. Went to the party store and found those little things that pop up in the air when you turn em inside out and put em on a table. perfect. Went to the hardware store and found some plastic tubing just big enough for mini glowsticks to fit in. Also picked up some silicone tile and fixture sealant, like liquid rubber. I'm sandwiching three sections of tubing between two of those little popper things and should come up with something like a rubber ball with holes for mini glowsticks. Hopefully the whole orb will glow niceley and i can get different colored glowsticks and try em out. The best part it its reusable, all i need to do is get new glowsticks. If anyone has ever tried something similar i'd love any suggestions, also when they are done i'll let you know how they look
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sounds good, nice idea, definitely get some pics up when you get done

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You can get little LED-lit juggling beanbags or hacky-sacks. All you'd need to do is make some kind of a net bag or cage to hook onto your chains. And these don't hurt especially when you hit yourself. And they're less wasteful than chemoluminescent products.

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I've got some Glow-in-the-Dark juggling balls which are the kind you "charge-up" in sunlight or whatever and they then glow... Quite heavy but look wicked.

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I think this has been mentioned somewhere before, but what about those little battery powered bike lights? The strobe ones could look really cool :-)x

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I found a glow-in-the-dark doggy toy in Wal-Mart, It is a soft, hollow, rubber ball. It is about 4 inches around, and soft. Works great. Just charge it up in the light and start twirling, it looks reealy cool.

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There's these: https://www.iwantoneofthose.com/glow_ball.htm
They're a little pricey though (GB - 39.95, NZ - $138, Au - $112, US - $57.50
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58bucks for a damn glowing ball, outrageous!

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Did you go and look at them tho Pozee? They're mighty pretty. And they go squishy when they've warmed up.Squishy glowing fun.

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"...like a rabbit caught in a lighthouse?" - Chellybean

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I don't know... 60 dollars for one is a little high, 120 for two.... But then I think about how much I have spent on glowsticks in the past and I wonder. On the other hand I loose my strings every 2-3 weekends so what are the chances they would disapear to?

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those glowin balls look lovly...*grins* i think ill get some one thing tho.....how would i attach strings without fucking them up...hehe....lalala...anyways must go...gotta feed my pet dragon....*smiles n nods*goafire

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When I was younger I remember there were these things you could get at the grocery store. It was like a combination of a glowstick and a superball. I used to have a couple and you could bounce them off of anything. They might not make them any more it was a long time ago. Too bad they didn't invent those right before techno hit. I don't know, they might still make them. Ask your local raver or extasy freak, they always seem to have odd glowing things.

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