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Posted:Hi Everyone.I'm new here and have been reading a lot of the posts. I was at a dance recently, and saw some people spinning photon lights on a string and they were able to create some interesting spiral and flower patterns.Does anyone know if there is a certain way to tie these lights to the string or if a certain string is used to create this effect.Thanks in advanced.

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Posted:there are a lot of posts on photons and rave'n lights for poi on this site, do a search. I can tell you that they look hella cool, but are very lightweight, and can be difficult to spin. you don't need any special kind of string, and you attach them with the key ring. As for the flower paterns and spirals, LAY OFF THE DRUGS, j/k
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, check out the lessons page on this site it will show you how to do a lot of those moves.

Hey chicky chick, check slick Nik flick sick tricks with glow sticks and lit wicks real quick!...;) (IM:cmsnr grdn)



Member Since: 8th Nov 2001
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Posted:No drugs :-)I was sober when I saw these people spinning the photon micro-lights, so I did not imagine the spiral and flower patterns that they were able to create.They just looked so cool and that made me interested in learning how to spin like that.


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Posted:yeah i know, if you tie the photons to about the middle of the string so that they are immobile, and then grab both ends and spin it so it winds up the string, when the string is all twisted up you pull really hard on both ends of the string and it makes them spin really fast creating these patterns. hope you can understand that

anyone got a light?


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