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Posted:i havent really found something that would recollect a decent amount of fuel from spinning off until i got a nice little idea today ....it goes something like this, get a conatiner, something like a milk jug, and the old metal deals that go over the back tire of a crappy bike to keep the water from getting on your back....looks sorta like a bannana....bend it so its in a slight curve, spin off into it, and pour.....either this works and i am changing my name to mcguyver....or i will stop posting :-)

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Posted:Not a bad idea. Personally, I get a small paint tin (the old ones with the metal handle), slip the handle through the first chain link above the poi and then give them a quick spin round me head. All the excess spins right off into the tin, ready for re-collection!------------------"The tincture of night began to suffuse the soup of the afternoon. He considered the sentence, and found it good. He liked 'tincture' particularly. Tincture. Tincture. It was a distinguished word, and pleasantly countered by the flatness of 'soup'. The soup of the afternoon. Yes. In which may be found the croutons of teatime."

---------------------With a bit of luck, his life was ruined; always thinking that just behind some narrow door, in his favourite bars, men in red woolen suits are getting incredible kicks from things he'll never know.


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Posted:Interesting.Any tips for getting your dad to drive to the shop and buy you some more kero?

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