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Posted:Hey guys, first of all great site. Im interested into getting into the scene and was just wondering where you guys got your wicks from, and if you couldnt find kevlar what did you use?

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Posted:1st place to get kevlar wick. Home of Poi shop (see link at top of page next to the smiley.In NZ, try More Balls than Most & Balloonski.In Australia do a search for JuggleArt.Worldwide - Home of Poi shop.It is sometimes available in 50 metre rolls from suppliers, so if you have a spare hundred thousand dollars, you could buy one and send us all some for free...Failing that, non-frayed denim is a good substitute if kevlar isn't available, and toweling is a cheap substitute but doesn't last long and bits tend to come of it all the time...Hope this helps.------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com

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Posted:I get mine from me
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