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Posted:Hi everyone!I've been spinning about 3 months now (started with staff, then went to Poi..), andI think start fireblowing.. and one queston came in my mind.. What liquid do you use? Just lampoil or pure alcohol.. or what.. ?thanks for advice.. -- Jyri

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When I looked into pegasol 3440 for Fire Breathing I quickly reached the conclusion from the MSDS sheets that it's toxicity was not comparable to the refined parafin that I generally use.



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In truth I guess they don't realy "hurt" my face just gets tired. I had to stop. My face was tired and I couldn't get it to work right anymore.

I wonder if it is possible that this is due to damage from having poisonous substances all over your most receptive body tissues? This sounds exactly like the beginnings of the 'rubberface' neural damage that petrol sniffers experience.

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I had some meths which I was doing boric acid in

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I breathed using this mixture

Yeah, both of these chemicals are extremely bad for you. As you already stated, boric acid is used in poisons... But Methanol is also very bad and can easily cause blindness if injested and/or gotten in your eyes (which is very easy to do if breathing).

DO NOT breathe with colored flames. I understand it was an accident but if youre going to mess with colored flame, be SURE to keep them seperate from everything else. This stuff is really not for amateurs, and being a pro myself, I still don't mess with it. Too much risk vs not much reward. Know your chemicals inside and out before mixing stuff up and remember: Just because it's possible doesn't mean it should be done. Then again, maybe youre willing to give up your eyesight to hear someone say "Hey cool, green flames!"

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