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cutie poi girlie
Location: porthtowan, truro, cornwall
Member Since: 14th Sep 2001
Total posts: 237
Posted:hey eyery one i think everyone should have their own special poi friend to swop ideas and new moves with, and to practice with. It's much more fun then practicing on your own...
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Luv peace 'n' chicken grease Al X x

Location: Oceanside, CA USA
Member Since: 30th Aug 2001
Total posts: 187
Posted:Hmm, such nice things said about you myst, we'll just have to see if they are true... i'll e mail you...erica____________"come with me to a land of fantasy, take my hand down into techno wonderland."[This message has been edited by MiSsFrOg19 (edited 28 September 2001).]

Its not easy being green....

Location: leicester, england
Member Since: 24th Sep 2001
Total posts: 167
Posted:draconot particularly good at the mo, (only been into it for a couple months) but really want to improvesend me your e mail adress or something. I have yahoo messenger at home but my computer is in a box (i have just moved). i can email you and sort it out...send 2 me at hanks_benjamin_j@cat.comspk soon
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you can take the cat out of the jungle, but you cant take the jungle out of the cat

Fire Princess
Location: London/Brighton, UK
Member Since: 18th Jan 2001
Total posts: 130
Posted:All in Brighton:I don't know how I came to be organiser!Anyway, a meet up on the level would be great.Give me a chance to get back to Brighton and get my head together and we can arrange a session - keep an eye on 'events, performances & gatherings'. What day is best for everyone? Bear in mind I can't do any weekends 'til November...
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Mail me at rachelslack@hotmail.com with any ideas!Tlight - It would be nice to meet up - don't worry, everyone was 14 once! I'll be faffing about in London for most weekends in October - How about a Sunday session?Hoping to see you all soon,Princess xx

Location: London
Member Since: 7th Sep 2001
Total posts: 189
Posted:It sounds good but if you mean this sunday, like now, I wouldnt be able to do it because im going to a party. (I sound the childish
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). Maybe the week after?

I hope you realize how pissed I am.

Location: Coventry / High Wycombe, Engla...
Member Since: 19th Sep 2001
Total posts: 49
Posted:Yay, I just found my poi mentor, about an hour ago. It was ten-thirty in the evening, Warwick time, I was twirling in the Piazza and this guy runs up to me, says "I have a set of those at home" and proceeds to reel off more moves than you can shake a (lit) stick at.Yay!------------------

Posh ravers wear ties.

Rebirth phoenix
Location: Brighton, Sussex, England
Member Since: 3rd Oct 2001
Total posts: 2
Posted:Fire princess, sandman and all in Brighton, a ge ogether sounds funky to me and maybe sorting out some on going sessios, especially for next summer. Set a date and let me know when things are kicking off.

Posted:hay if anyone lives near guildford,surry and is lonley of poi freinds we meet up every thursday about 10 poi and stuff ,devil sticks any thing to do with fire realy. shpongledems1@hotmail.com

Location: NY, USA
Member Since: 10th Apr 2001
Total posts: 336
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N8 has a poi friend, actually, six of them.My better half (the Martain) and I started spinning a few years back and since then we've taught a whole bunch of our friends, and they have taught their friends, and off the top of my head I can think of six people who i spin with on a regular basis.And, trst me, Its a very special thing to spin with a group of people, any one of the vets. should agree.------------------Care of other people's approval and you become their prisoner.Live fully, Rave wholly.Fluid are the movements of my strings...

Care of other people's approval and you become their prisoner.Live fully, Rave wholly.Fluid are the movements of my strings...

Location: ringwood,nj usa
Member Since: 18th Aug 2001
Total posts: 93
Posted:for a while my shadow has been by best poi friend. feeling lonely in a circle of light i turn my back to the sun and she appears. i love her very much! she doesn't really like to come out at night though. i recently booked my "friend" here in jersey to video tape me at night so i can see the fire spinning in the dark. i found someone in the meet others who live in the town next door no reply you gotto love jersey. in a state with the highest population i know there's genuine spinners out there or someone who wants to learn i'm here for ya'll. and if not i'm moving to england!oh thank goodness for home of poi!!!!!!!!love and light sara

Better to Burn out than Fade out, Baby!

Location: Caulfield, Melbourne, Australi...
Member Since: 1st Oct 2001
Total posts: 12
Posted:Hey all,I know the feeling of being a lonely poi-er.. have been one for the the past 3 years :PBeinga solitary poier is interesting.. cause you end up only learning the moves that you can think of... But never the less.. if anyone is in Melbourne, and want to get toghether, drop me a line at neurotic@labyrinth.net.auI've also started with the "find a person" tool
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which is ace as well.Neurotic

Location: Ashburton, New Zealand
Member Since: 3rd Oct 2001
Total posts: 8
Posted:Hey! I'm new here, just learning the moves with poi (having bruised and battered myself half to death!!)
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love this site, and want 2 know if there's anyone out there who wants a special poi friend-I'm lonely!!!

The very existance of flamethrowers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done. - George Carlin


Location: Akron, Ohio
Member Since: 12th Sep 2001
Total posts: 135
Posted:Earlier in the thread I made mention of a get together here in Ohio. Well, out of the eight people, six showed up. Our timeing was totally off. The first night only three stuck it out all night, and through the next day. Twelve hours total! Between three people 11:00 pm to 9:00am we went through 5 gallons of Kero. It RULED
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! on the Second night the other half joined in, but shamefully I passed out. But at least I passed out on the beach trying to hang. One thing is clear. In Ohio we have a home for fire twirling and a audience of hundreds. No one would come up and talk to us so it was as if we were all alone. Occationaly someone would walk by and que us in that all around the lake people were watching. Then one guy pionted out every time we lite up people would start to cheer from the woods. We couldn't hear them over the fire but once it was pionted out you couldn't miss it. Knagi noticed that across the lake a group of people would hold up lite lighters, if we took to long to light up again. It was beyond anything I could ever describe, or was even expecting. So the lesson here is if you are anywhere near Ohio during the camping months and want to torch up, we got a place with lots of room, and we have an audience (wheather you want one or not) that would love to see you go off!------------------Nothing good ever comes from hanging out with "normal" people.

Nothing good ever comes from hanging out with normal people.

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