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Posted:okay...i admit it...i'm easily frustrated...for some wacked out reason, i got most of the basic staff moves fairly quickly, and had a blast of a time playing around with it...(mostly while waiting for my Poi to come in)...okay...sooooo..i get my Poi..."WOOHOO!!!" i'm thinking...wrong...
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i'm frustrated because i cannot seem to get anything down...and...okay..i admit it..i need i know that there's a group in Austin...but i don't know how to contact anyone, or if someone would be willing to help me one on one (actually..if there's anyone in Georgetown or even Round Rock Texas that'd be preferable)...i promise to be a good my homework (poi-work?) and not pass notes during class...can someone either point me in the right direction for help, or just make some kinda suggestion...? i hate feeling stupid...thanks ya'll!! (that's official Texan, you know!)~shayla

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Posted:hello Sheyla,If you go to the "meet otehrs section" and do a little search for Austin, you'll find it is a city with a few treasures among whom Bassman and Adam Rice... Why don't you try to email them ? They are the sweetest men on earth and will help you for sure (yeah, I know they will definitely *not* like me calling them "sweet" on this board... might ruin their tough reputation after all
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