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Posted:I'm not sure where else to ask this.I'm interested in building a fire trombone.I figure there are two ways to approach this:light the horn itself, or have flames shoot out from the bell. I'm kind of leaning towards the second one right now. Anybody got any suggestions on how to approach this?

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Posted:How about making a mute for it that you could light on fire? Of course, that would alter the sound, but I'm not sure what you are gonna use it for.



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Posted:Stick a rocket down the bell, light up...
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I'm kidding of course, but it would look pretty damn sweet, hehe...

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Posted:Spritie's right!Get some kevlar and stick it to an old mute.The there is another way that i can think of but it takes too long to describe and I have a party to get to tonight - ill try and post it another time.You could rig it up with a gaff that magicians use called "sprizzer" and you can get one on it costs bout $20 I havent heard great reports about it but check it out and see for yourself.Gruff
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