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Posted:I do all of my poi with glowsticks right now, and I was planning to make a video so I can use it for a competition (not the one on this site since it will include other things). My question is what is the best time/light to video tape someone doing poi/glowsticking. Do I want to be seen or totally in the dark, a little light on the subject please? (slick pun eh?)------------------A pig that doesn't fly is just an ordinary pig - Porco Rosso

A pig that doesn't fly is just an ordinary pig - Porco Rosso

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Posted:whats up man, i did a vid for this site with glowsticks, i am sending it in soon. anyways, i was in my driveway, it was pretty dark outside bu there was a halfway decent flood light above me that kind of showed my arms just enough to see what i was doing at times, but it was still dark enough that the glowsticks looked bright and awesome. so i guess do it at night outside, with a little bit of light on the subject to see what you are doing...

anyone got a light?


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Posted:goes with glowsticks or fire, dark enough for them to be bright, but light enough for the person to be seen.

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Posted:yepdefinitely try a bunch of different settings. We did some filming in our usual summer hangout, and unfortunately, it was waay too dark.Even our UV stuff was a bit crapola...We have another place, which is tried and true, which is quite well lit, but the flames and stuff look great still.Josh


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