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Posted:I've been trying to make a long (6 feet) staff split into 3 sections that I can take apart to fit in my rucksack when I'm going camping, but I'm not having much luck.So far I've tried compression joints but they still let the ends wobble.Does anyone else have any ideas as to how I can do this, or should I just use roundhead screws to hold the sections together?

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Posted:Big Andy--

I'd like to be able to offer a sectioned wooden staff, but I'd need a lathe and some other precision equipment (so that the threaded rod would drive in true). Right now that's out of my budget and my very limited woodworking abilities, and I don't move a lot of staffs anyhow.

Using screws that fastened across the dowel rather than along it might work; there are recessed fittings that should make everything nearly flush. You'd need some kind of bumper set in at the joints to ensure that the three sections had a solid feel.

Yet another fastener that I can imagine would be to have channels cut in the last inch or so of the sleeves, and use something like a band clamp to hold the whole thing together. Obviously it would need sit very flat--I've never seen a clamp quite like what I have in mind--but in theory it could be done.

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