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Posted:Hey All!I have a problem...I want to get a steel bracelet big enough for my large (manly
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) hands to fit through, with a circular cross section wide enough that I'll be able to use them as poi handles.Recently, I've been twirling a bit using single loops, but instead of holding them with my hands, I've been just letting them rotate around my wrists...this alows for some very interesting arm movements, and seems to require some practice.However it does my arms (and my handles) no good - so I was trying to think of an alternative. - a Steel bracelet, with a loop attached to it should be able to do the job nicely...But I cant find anything like it!Can anyone help?Josh

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Posted:ok I found something..but its way over the top expensive for my purposes (which will only grind it down anyhow)


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Posted:Josh are you thinking something like a stainless steel bracelet? Why don't you approach a jewelery maker/blacksmith to see if they can make a custom one for you...Alternatively, try a harware/tap shop. You might find something useful from shower/door handle supply shops taht would work.Could you weld a link on to allow the attachment of chains etc? I don't know a lot a bout the strength of welded joints - perhaps someone else could give advice on that...ade


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Posted:we all know how tough and masculine you are Josh, but your hands aren't *that* big!!!how would you avoid the bracelet slipping around your wrist?

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Posted:I want it to slip around my wrist
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think of it like this; two little hullahoops going round my arms, with poi coming off
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A lot like the skipit thingo that Pele mentioned ages ago...but the weight isnt attached too a point on the hoop, it just slips around the hoop...Josh



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Posted:Josh, check this photo and look carefully at her hands: this thie kind of thing you're after?------------------"We are all of us in the gutter but some of us are looking up at the stars."

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Posted:What about handcuffs? You could split them in half (by breaking the chain) and wear them on the loosest setting. They would already have a hole for attaching a chain, so you could either put your chain through the hole, or attach it to the existing chain.Wouldn't be a perfect circle though...They shouldn't hurt too much either, as they're designed for being worn around the wrist.Hope this helps,FP xxxPS: I just re-read your post, and I see you wanted the chain to slip round - like a little ring on a big ring? How would it slip without getting stuck between the big ring and your wrist? Hmmm...[This message has been edited by Fire Princess (edited 03 October 2001).]




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Posted:Find a leather-crafting shop with saddle-making hardware. I am pretty sure you'll be able to find a ring of about 10 cm there. That's probably your easiest and cheapest option. If that doesn't work...McMaster Carr has everything.

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Posted:Okies;I'll check the saddle shop
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Handcuffs would be ok - but I think they might hurt after a while? sure, they are designed to be worn, but they are designed to they are designed to hurt like hell if you try to pull em off
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)have a look at the rings I posted a link to - they are exactly like what I want, but at $32US each - I think its too much...Josh


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Posted:hey josh, ever seen that cheesy old magic trick where the person joins two rings together magically, except one has a small cut in it. those are pretty large and i am sure that small cut could be easily welded. not sure of the cost though. might want to check out some magic shops.

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Posted:hey josh.Try a craft or haberdashery store. There's one here called Spotlight, which I think is in Oz has all sorts of tacky craft supplies, but the last time I went, it also had metal rings of varying sizes. They were a quite bit thinner than the ones in your picture, but you could probably pad them out a bit. Also check out embroidery hoops, they might work. Other ideas......what about a toyshop or baby supplies shop......maybe there's some kind of big plastic teething ring? Or.......a friend of a friend once received fluffy handcuffs covered in soft fake fur for christmas......perhaps you should take a trip to your local dodgy adult store? ;-) Or those big wooden rings people hang curtains from? Those would probably be too small but maybe there's some kind of jumbo kind.....heh, you never know. Also check out cheap and tacky jewellery stores for ankle bracelets.....these will be bigger than arm ones and might just fit your 'manly hands'
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Posted:bump for awesome idea

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