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Posted:Hi. I have a digital camera that I tried to take pictures with. Unfortunatly, without the flash, all I could see was a small line where my stick is. nothing else, everything is back. I can't even like see a trail or anything.I know there's shutter speed settings or soemthing (sorry for dissing camera language) and I don't know how I can make my camera work to take the picture was at least the design and a little big of my outline. right now its just pitch black with a tiny line of greenI think my cam is...a RC-570 Canon Still CammyI can't figure out if there even IS a speed option...So I need to get another camera?dooh-=M-D=-

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Posted:The manual for your camera should tell you. If you dont have it, a lot of the time u can find on online. Have a read through and it should tell you what options for shutter speed and flash u have available

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Posted:there are also several threads providing some excellent advice on this topic, so I will be closing this one in the interest of housekeeping.I recommend you do a search and post any further questions/comments to one of those threads.
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