Posted:I don't get the turning to make a pattern go backwards. I can do the forward swing, stall it mid-turn, and make it go backwards, but I don't think that is it. Same with the weave. I am unsure how to switch it. My attempts have left my singing sopranno. >=0 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!-Justin

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Posted:I would take a look at the Poi Lessons section under 'low' and 'high' turn. At first it is confusing, but after some practice, you'll wonder how you never understood it before.


Posted:I would suggest that before you look at high turn and low turn you learn the basic turn
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Look up 'Turning' using the website search function, you will get a bunch of valuable info, more than I am able to give you...Anyhow - Basic turn (from fwd side circles left turn to rvs side circles) goes something like this;When you are swinging fwd at your sides (ie standard fwd jumprope style swings) choose your moment and then send your right hand poi to your left side. As you are doing this, turn 180 degrees so that the poi pass infront of your body at the bottom of their swings, and when you are about 1/2 way through your body movement.continue to turn as the poi come up, dragging your left hand poi from its side position over to its left hand side, as you finish your body movement.The trick with this is to not move your arms too much. Recently I've realised that to do all turns (basic, high, low, high / low alternating turns) you need not move your arms much at all. Infact, basic and low turn can be done with your hands maintaining contact with your hips. Its ALL in the body movement and the timing (and the wrists - but all poi is in the wrists). So relax, and as the poi are coming down, turn, let them pass in front of your body, keep turning and bring them out into rvs side circles. Of course, you could turn right if you wanted to, and the other turns involve sticking the poi in different places while you turn (low turn you stick them behind you as you turn, high turn you put em behind your head etc etc).Good luck!And remember to look up 'turning' using the search function.Josh