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Posted:DON'T HURT ME! AAAAHok, now, I know all about the coloured flames, k? But i thought it would be ultra spiffy if i could find some place that sold candles with coloured flames, because they'd rock... imagine, strontium flame, black coloured wax... sweeeeeeeet...So... yeah.I mean, it'd be tricky to make these dudes, although you could probably rig up an oil burner to do it. Just gotta get some strontium salt... you can get this from chemists, yeah?

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Posted:I posted a while back about adding Boric acid to a chaffing dish fuel can. I still like it. It burns green. I also have a LiCl can as well which burns REALLY red. Not quite a candle, but similar.

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flash fire
flash fire

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Posted:don't you mean a Sterno ??
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Posted:"chaffing dish" *chuckle*sounds painful :P

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Posted:I think it could be possible, and i think i might try it (make my own :P) candles are fairly easy to make at home. But anyway, back to the point, i'm gonna try soaking a candle wick in meths and boric acid overnight, and dry it out a couple of times and put it in a candle and see if that works,but this is all in my head, so chances are i'll blow my hand off or something.Oh and, i hope that all you guys in america are alright and your families are ok



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Posted:trimethyl borate is actually used in this manner to flame retard cotton. You may just end up with a flame retardant wick... which would be ironic!