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Posted:I have been trying to do the 5 beat weave and quad corkscrew for ages now. After getting a new set of uv poi with long tails, I was able to do it almost IMMEDIATELY , for some reason I think the tails made it a lot easier, since I got them I have had no trouble doing extra beats, has anyone else noticed it too?I tried to do the 5 beat weave with my (unlit) fire poi but kept whacking myself under the arm. Do people have this problem when using practice poi, glowsticks etc and then change to fire poi? Also, I get tired very quickly while using the poi with tails, do they make it harder, more resistence in the air or something?? Also, does the weight of the poi you use influence the moves you can do?CandyWork like you dont need the moneyLove like you've never been hurtDance like nobody's watching

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Posted:I used to have a problem going from zuni poi to glowsticks. Or fire to glowsticks. It's way easier to go from something light to something a bit heavier, then is is to go from something heavy to something light. When switching from one set of poi to another, I have a warm up spin, it's normally about 1 min then off to spinning. I definatly think the weight influenses the moves you do.ex... I do the Btb5beatweave with zuni's very well now, and alright with fire, but it's not as nice when I do it with glowsticks cause it feels like theres not enough weight to throw it over properly. After a bit of practice I think like all other moves it will transfer nicely. Eric

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Posted:I have noticed the same thing Candy. The tails on the Zuni add a little wind resistance, which sucks if you are outdoors with any breeze at all (this equals lots of tangled poi). But I found that moves like the 5 beat wave and the btb weave are easier with the Zuni. Also, the are heavier. If you want to have an idea of how heavy those suckers really are, wrap the tails around the bean bags with a rubber band or something. For some reason no wind resistence means REALLY heavy poi.




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Posted:Extra weight can make a big difference when learning a move because you get the same (or more) momentum at a lower speed. So they're easier to control at a low speed--light poi heads are prone to stall out at low speed. With btb moves especially, where your wrists are at awkward angles and not as able to exert leverage, that extra momentum can really carry you through, especially when learning.Aerodynamics is a similar issue. Some poi heads are more aerodynamic than others, and will naturally go faster, all other things being equal. Zunis are very un-aerodynamic, and so they go very slow. This forces you to go slower, which means you have more time.I've played around with very aerodynamic poi heads--heavy ones and light ones--and all I can say is OUCH. I made a set just a few days ago. They were just too easy to get going really fast--they don't give you anything to push against (which, now that I think about it, might be another reason why un-aerodynamic wicks are good for learning moves: you exaggerate your input). I wound up taping short strips of surveyor's tape to them--the tape "wiffles" and kills the aerodynamics. That makes them better to use.

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