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Posted:Ok Ive been trying to get this move i figured out, but I havent been able to get it and Im doubting if its actually possible.The move is like a forward weave, but when your about to cross to the other side bring the poi on the inside of ur arms (needs short strings) and do an extra rotation in split timing on the inside before moving on to the other side of your body.This move came to me while I was messing around and in my head it looked good, but I havent been able to pull it off.

Posted:yeah its possible, but this is the wrong forum (should be in Moves)I think what you are talking about is doing 1/2 a weave with a rotation of a buzzsaw and then into the opposite half a weave?try it in the vertical plane (movement from high to low) too...Josh


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Posted:Your chains don't even need to be that short. Mine are just slightly shorter than my arms, and I can do it.Not sure if this move has a name, but I think of it as "the tunnel."

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Posted:I call it the crank
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Posted:....An inversion...?


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Posted:was this what you were thinking of?