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Posted:Hi folksFor the ast couple of weeks, I've been twirling a broom handle round, and I think I'm ready to progress to the burny stuff.
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) Does anyone know, would it be foolish to make a staff out of wood? Has anyone done it, and if so, any tips (eg wood finish to use, etc)?If it is a bad idea, what is the best material to use?

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Posted:As long as you cover your wooden ends with light tin there should be no problems. I use a "coke" can under my kevlar wicks to protect the wood. A rake handle (25mm width) is economical and makes a great practice staff.

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Posted:I use a hollow tempered alluminum pole about 6" by 3\8" with a 3\8" wooden dowl rod all the way through it. You will need to sand the dowl rods to get it to fit in the pole. Total weight approximately 6lb. Fairly heavy but great stability, balance and controll. I also wrapped it with leather for a better grip and protection from heat.


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Posted:I found this the other day while looking for ideas for a cauldron.http://www.incendium.org/staff.htmSince I don't spin a staff, I have no idea if this is reasonably good or not, but I hope it helps.

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Posted:It's the Incendium recipe that i use for all my staffs (I've made 5 up til now). It works very well....------------------C@ntus

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Posted:The main reason to avoid wood will probably only be apparent after you have been doing fire for a while.Myself, I have several moves where the fire 'travels' down the length towards the centre, so for my style, tin cans would'nt prevent the staff from charring up and eventually breaking.My personal preference is for staffs similar to the instructions on the incendium site. But, I would suggest a wooden staff to learn with, as it won't bend, no matter how badly wrong the moves go, and should last longer for beginners
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