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Location: Jrvenp, Finland

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Posted:I saw these great about 10" glow sticks with camera batteries sold at the Fusion Festival, CA, and i was going to order them but lost the website address. It was something like caltronix or something. Does anybody know the site or other good glow sticks with batteries??

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Location: Salisbury, wiltshire, UK

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Posted:Hi I found a site that has battery operated glowsticks they are only 5 inch ones though.But they do look coolthe website is www.xstatikgear.comthe draw back is that they are $28.95 EACH!!!By the time i have paid import tax on these they wont be worth it so if anyone knows where I can get these in the uk I would be well chuffed...thanksphil
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Posted:These appear to be the same thing, really--they're 8" long, and currently listed at the site Beaker mentioned for $18. I got a couple from, where they're a little cheaper but in fewer colors (they were even cheaper when I bought them than they're currently listed for).They're pretty neat, but not durable enough to stand up to a hard collision. I cracked one clean in half.They're also not designed with any kind of attachment loop, so I had to improvise something using band-clamps and D-rings.These have been discussed here quite a bit. Do a search on "LED" or "bladelight" or "krill" (another technology that seems cool but doesn't stand up to hard use).

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Linkovich SeKioA

Location: Victoria, Australia

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Posted:I think i read about this site in a previous post but
have some different stuff, if ya go to the flashing toys section they have the Krill lamps (i'm not sure myself, but i've heard the internal components break after the while from the various knocks of poi-ing) and the also sell the photon lights, but the main thing i've been looking at is the "super street lights" and (at the risk of sounding like a commercial) the are supposed to be fairly strong and have cheap batteries, plus the can be set to on, flashing and for a really tripped out show they have strobe. i haven't gotten them yet myself, but i will be ordering them shortyanywayz Catch ya's later


Dr. Spin

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Posted:I think the ones you want are at www.coltronix.netI've seen these in person and they make othe electric glowsticks pale in comparison (pun intended
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