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The tails on my UV poi totally piss me off big time, but apparently they look much much better than my practice chains... they get knotted and sometimes they get dirty and they tangle really badly and they make it more difficult to do some of the moves, notably the butterfly variations... and the ends fray
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P oh and of course they make wraps look really messy... plus they can tie you up when you're doing double wraps or whatever, grrr.... which makes you look REALLY dumb...any thoughts on poi tails? alternatives to them, or ideas for reducing these problems?I'm thinking of making a set of really short (like 15cm) poi and putting 30cm long tails on them, so when you spin them you'd get really long tails, and a complete circle when you're doing weaves... ultra short ones are pretty fun but limit the moves you can do.------------------"O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention." - William ShakespeareCheck out my Online Gallery! Å Ĉ К я

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I roll mine and then wrap them tightly in rubber bands for when I am working on new things. When I want to try to guage things like proximity to body and angle I use them out, or when I am at casual play, not only for looks but because they really do help with getting precision down. My suggestion, rubber bands!
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Yep I hear ya blackbird the tails are a real pain I thought about cutting them off at one point, But then they wouldnt look so good when spinning. I guess it just helps me become more patient
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Tails are cool....although they do alienate some of the more complicated moves. After analysing myself with both fire and tail Poi, I've found that the moves from each type come off totally different from each other... I find that gracefulness is the key to the tails...nice, slow and methodic, mixed in with a bit of circular speed. The fire and 'practice' poi enables a greater degree of body movement, especially in the arms and wrists.But at the end of a cliched day....yeah....the tails really do piss you off.....sometimes.On another note....WHADDA WEEKEND!!!!* One helluva successful fire show* England 5 - 1 Germany... jaw = drop* Bradford 2 - 3 Burnley....up the clarets!* and finally....4 big biftas nicely rolled up in front of me and ready to smokeGame OnDan!

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I love tails, mine are 1.5m to 2m in length, and I have 4 on each poi head (from 1cm to 4cm in width). They are made from satin ribbon. To stop the ends fraying, I have hemmed the ribbon. I also experimented for a while til I found a good weight to attach the ribbons to. I also agree with Dan, that the key to using them, and not getting frustrated, is to slow it down, right down. Even slower still. And then even a bit slower still.ade {and hey Dan - the aussies won the tri nations cup, we also won the junior mens hockey cup, North Queensland didn't get the wooden spoon, what more could a good aussie want?
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My first poi set is a set with the removable tails.
Ordered from this site. Ive had them for about two weeks now.
And yeeeah when i first started i had to learn with them off . And now that i know some tricks, its cool to put them on to see the formation. but yaah they too tangle and mine are really noisy, they are some weird material. And they dont seem to fly out straight they turn and twist around and it just doesnt look neat. I have yet to see them under black light, im excited to though.

I kinda regretted getting this type to learn with ..
I now wish i would have got the LED Balls. But, i heard these were good to learn with .. So im dealing with it .
I like them though none the less. Ive had a good time learning with them on a whole.

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In my experience tails are great for performing either outdoors or in well-lit rooms where it's just you on stage. They fill up space MUCH better than any type of glow head during the day and allow people to still have an idea of what your trails look like.

That said, it took the better part of a year for me to be able to do most of the tricks I knew with tails and not get tangled. If your planes are at all wobbly, you'll know about it very quickly.

In the grand scheme, I never practice with them but kids love them and they look too beautiful in the daytime to stop using entirely. I was lucky enough to have a friend who was willing to sew me a set that could fit over the heads of a set of practice poi I already had so I didn't have to get any new equipment. If they're your only set, wrapping them down with rubber bands sounds like a great solution till you've got all your tricks clean.

Haven't heard or experienced anything pro or con with shorter tails.



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The longer the tails the harder I find it is to spin well. A friend has some poi with tails long enough that I keep stepping on them....

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