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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
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Posted:Well as Im sitting here reading through some posts, checking out the staff moves, biting my fingernails, it got me wondering .... surely other people have these annoying bad habits like I do (including biting my nails).So yeah whats yours?Mine include:- biting my nails right back til i can bite no more, then i keep trying.- This "jaw thing" that Flash hates that i get in the morning at parties (hmmmm might have something to do with the night before exploits)

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Posted:-Low attention span
-Excessive cynicism



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Posted:i do eat raw pasta mascot but only the super noodle pasta cos it kind of tastes like crisps...
i pick my fingernails, the dirt underneath them especially if im bored
and i bite skin off my lips occasionally...

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Posted:OMG I pich my toe nails and then smell my fingers. eeewww. spank

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Posted:Gosh, I reckon I could write a sizeable book about my bad habits.

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Posted:- condemning myself for having bad habits

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