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Posted:Hey folks...I'm going back to school in a few weeks, and I thought it would be a good idea to figure out how I'm going to store my stuff. I just started at the end of last year, and the poi/torches stunk up my room, despite being wrapped in thin plastic trash bags. I stuck them outside under a bush for the last few days of school, but thats not going to be a good long-term storage option. Would a good thick garbage back keep it from smelling, or do I just need to make sure to burn all the fuel off (won't that hurt the wick?) Somebody suggested a fireproof chest, but those run like 300 bucks and I don't want to spend that much. I was thinking I could hang it outside my window, but people would probably notice. Thanks in advance!


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Posted:I've been wrestling with this as well. I don't want to stink up my small apartment. I tried keeping them in a thermos but the fuels actually acted to make it more difficult to open and close them. I don't think a bag would work. People use paint cans which are a pain to carry but useful to store in. Also, if you let the wicks air out first, they don't stink as much.

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Posted:After lighting up, I let the wicks air for a long time, like an hour. Then I put them in a little velvet bag (I bought a belt and it came inside it), and that does it.I have a metal bucket in my bedroom, where I store clubs, poi, kevlar, juggling balls, everything...they're safe there and wont cause any trouble.I store kero in glass bottles, but they're not always safe. The fuel may leak. I left a kerosene bottle inside my car for like a week, a month ago, and it still stinks!!!------------------"Lady bug lady bug, fly away home. Your house is on fire, and your children will burn! Ashes, ashes, all fall down!!

Lady bug lady bug, fly away home. Your house is on fire, and your children will burn! Ashes, ashes, all fall down!!

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Posted:Four words for you:Military Surplus Ammo Can!These things are cheap ($3-$10) durable, and completely air and water tight. And they've got a great aesthetic to them as well.A .50 cal can will hold a set of poi, a small bottle of fuel, and a fire safety towel -- easy to grab in a hurry or just stash it in the trunk of your car.-p.


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Posted:I just remembered: I have seen large plastic buckets (5 gallons or so) with lids that lock in place using a band-clamp and lever (so you can work it by hand). These would be ideal because they are waterproof, hold a lot of stuff, and obviously can be used as your water-bucket when lighting up. Not sure where to get one--look at a big paint store.You'd still want to keep your fuel in a secure container inside that. Fortunately, fuel usually comes in pretty good containers.

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Posted:Thanks for the tips =) I have a 3 ft torch and stuff, so the buckets/ammo cans won't do the trick. I can try letting them air out though, if that helps...maybe then the smell won't come through the plastic bag?LinkoHyrule


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Posted:For travel I agree with pj, or oneof those samsonite hard size travel cases works great for no smell transport. For indoor storage without the stink, rubbermade lock and seal containers. They some in colors, are rubbermaid durable, come in all sizes and work very well. Alot of my stuff is in one in the garage (I won't keep it in the house with all the mates and my son). I just load up my bag or case when I go to leave and no sweat!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...http://www.pyromorph.com

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Posted:ya, living in the dorms is a challenge at times. here's an idea for storing big toys like a staff... i don't know how much it will decrease the stink but it may be worth a try. i use big tubes like this to store and transport my large feather fans. to start off get a big pvc pipe that is used for pluming, about four to six inches in diameter and about three to six feet in length depending on your toys. get a slightly larger diameter pipe cap so that you can block off the end. wrap with duct tape. get another cap, drill a hole in the end and stick through one of those hooks that you screw into the cieling to hold plants. its now a nice top. add straps and presto you got an easy to transport container that people tend not to mess with. it's good to add stickers or paint it though so that it's not mistaken for a pipe bomb. hope it helps! -melissa

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