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Posted:A few notes from my performance at a local goth/industrial/fetish night. 1) it might be a good idea to have a spotter trained on fueling up andspinning out2) need to make a container that has a lid and can not be knocked over3) it would be good to have some lamp oil to put out and cool the smoldering embers on the fire eating torches before dipping them in white gas again.4) having 2 lovely assistants rules! 1 for the towel 1 for crowd control5) Thats not a girl6) the crowd likes it when you laugh off mistakes7) fire eating takes a great knowledge of how fire works and a great disregard for common sense. the crowd doesnt care and like the poi better8) short un announced performances work best because you don't repeat tricks as often, dosn't shut down the dance floor as long and there is nothing expected. ie: "They took time away from me dancing for this?"9) fire play smooths the performance out, doing transfers off of each other to light equipment.10) don't forget to take a bow when your done.

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