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Annie C
Location: London, UK
Member Since: 31st Jul 2001
Total posts: 40
Posted:Has anyone attached Sparklers to Poi before...I know it would be a short burn, but I think it would look pretty bloomin loveerley....If anyone has tried it can they let me know what happened and what kind of sparklers they used......or if it is a really stupid idea and I should 'get me coat!!'Or maybe there is a whole group of sparkeling poi'ers out there.....Laters funky peopleAnnie C

Location: Charlotte, NC
Member Since: 27th Apr 2001
Total posts: 173
Posted:Uh oh. You're asking for a tongue lashing there young lady. It's been the topic of the summer so far. You might want to use the search feature under FAQ. Type in "sparkler" and you should find all the info you need. Good luck.

Fear the evil monkey!

Annie C
Location: London, UK
Member Since: 31st Jul 2001
Total posts: 40
Posted:YUP lashed tongue indeed...found all of those fantastic tips....Thanks superfly...should a done that in the first place....a lesson learn'tMiss C

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Member Since: 8th May 2001
Total posts: 277
Posted:Sparkler poi are kinda like crack. They don't last long, and they aren't cheap, but they sure are fun! ;-)http://vees.net/gallery/display.phtml?id=1851&offset=87But my favorite thing about sparkler poi is that you don't need to worry about a fuel dump and you can spin them just about anywhere. I was hoping to pick up a few cases really cheap after July 4th, but I couldn't find any! Anyone know here I can get them cheap this time of year?-p.


Location: Cairns, Australia
Member Since: 6th Mar 2001
Total posts: 48
Posted:i attach party sparklers to my poisometimes i light them first and then light my poi, after a while the sparkler bursts into lotsa sparkles, then it goes out. they never last long and sometimes they go out straight awayi've spun just the lit sparklersand when i dont light the sparkler first sometimes they'll catch alight off my poi, sometimes they wont.sparklers are very pretty
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or theres those other sparkly poi when you use steel wool.. but i've never used these.

flash fire
flash fire

Sporadically Prodigal
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Member Since: 25th Jan 2001
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Are we there yet?
Location: australia
Member Since: 14th Mar 2001
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Posted:Sorry couldn't help myself, must be the nice day we're having...[Apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and flash, no apologies, you just have to suffer
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]Oh sparkly poi, how do I love thee?Let me count the ways...Thou art more lovely than plain old poi,and grander than any other fire toy,Your ends being sparklers, or steel wool for the hardy,I love thee to spark up at night,Even though you don't always light.By shellite, by kero, by firewater and all,30 seconds of fun, and then that is all.Burns and soot all of my life, and if the gods choose,I shall but photograph me, and post it to the web for all to see.Oh sparkly poi, how do I construct thee?Let me count the ways...
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the henna lady
Location: WNY, USA
Member Since: 15th Dec 2000
Total posts: 6193
Posted:Cute..but don't quit your day job Ade!
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I am sure Ms. Barrett-Browning is sufficiently rolling in her grave at this point! So...that being said...I will take on Shakespeare..."But soft..what light through yonder meadow breaksTis Sparkley poi and Zippo is my lightAlight fair sparkles and kill the envious poiWhose firey colors pale next to youThat thou, the sparkled, hath far more flare than sheBe not so brief, since your shine is brighterFire's colour is but sick and clearAnd none but fool's do recognise it; cast it offSparkly poi thou art my favored, O it is my love! "Okay, so none of this is true...since I love fire but it was fun to make up at this entirely too late to be wired on coffee as much as I am hour. Sparklies are fun, yup. The really brief duration sucks rocks, yup. And the best place I know to get them around here is on the local reservations that stock them in *very* limited quantities at will strip you bare to pay for them prices year round.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...http://www.pyromorph.com

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
"Oooh look! A pub!" -exclaimed after recovering from a stupid fall
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One Tyred Guy
Location: Camaiore, Lu, Italy
Member Since: 13th May 2001
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Posted:A poem for my true love, Flash Fire... HaikuCry not sparkly poiapocalypse of steel woolquestions are endless

PK is a god.. i love the Peeekster.

.:PK:. [poiinthepark founder member]

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