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Posted:As a total newcoming to the world of Poi, I already see the huge divide there is between the glowstickers and the firemongers. I know there's no real subsitute for the roar of fire, but I'm wondering if anyone has used not the glowsticks, but instead the liquid INSIDE the glowsticks. I remember doing that for a halloween costume years ago. Pour the stuff on fabric, and it lights up just the same. That way, you could make a set of "Wicks" out of white cotton belt material, and just "soak" em in Phosphoresent Liquid. Presto...pseduo fire, which should more closely approximate the weight of fire pois. Just my 3 bucks (Damn inflation)

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Posted:You have to be careful though. Sometimes that stuff is toxic - check the packaging.It's basic stuff; no fingers in mouth after touching, wash off skin as irritation can occur (and is nasty, believe me)and rinse out of eyes imediatley. That kind of thing.Sorry to be pedantic. But i have to be responsible sometimes. Anything can be dangerous you just have to know how to misuse it . . .
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Posted:...yep and don't get it on your favourite CD's - someone sprayed it all over the room at a party I had once and it got on some of my favourite (and unreplacable) CD's - which won't play anymore...and it ate into the paint on the bonnet of our car - not a big deal since it's a bit of a bomb anyway, but for something that says it's non-toxic, it certainly looks a bit scary!it also stops glowing quite quickly after it's exposed to air (or for some reason)...sorry to be a bit of a downer on this one - try it anyway... It's fun being covered in glowie goo
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Posted:I've broken a few glowsticks in my time and forsee three problems:1) Once "smeared" the glowstuff looses its glow quite quickly (like a minute or two).2) Smeared glowstuff is not as bright.3) Little pieces of broken glass from the capsule can fly everywhere.Actually, in most glowsticks, the most harmful thing in it IS the broken glass as most glowsticks are nontoxic. I played with one for a while and got little cuts on my hands from the glass. It was still pretty fun to make glow in the dark hand prints.

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Posted:While in a tooth clenching bout once while under the influence the urge struck to gnaw on a glowstick which promptly managed to explode into my mouth leaving one of the most horrible tastes I've ever had and then spraying into my eyes causing one horribly painful burning sensation. It took 20 minutes of water bathing my eyes before I could see again. The package said non-toxic, but anything that hurts that bad can't be too non-toxic.

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Posted:not to mention they smell like ass once opened.

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