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Posted:I need info on where to buy or how to make a fire hula hoop. flaming_mad

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Posted:I have not yet seen a fire hula hoop offered for sale. I have thought about making one, but haven't yet had the time. There are three styles that I have been thinking of. Each will start with an aluminium tube bent into a circle and either welded together or joined with a dowel and screws. From there:1. Wrap the entire tube with wick or rope. This is simple, but I fear that the tube/wick will get too hot by the end of a single burn.2. Make one or more tube core poi with tubing whose inner diameter is greater than the outer diameter of the hula hoop. These are places on the rod before it is joined together. Picture jitter rings but much larger.3. Place one or more steel rings on the hoop before closing it. From these rings, clip wicks and chains. Who knows how long? Six inches? Three feet? Someday I'll find out...-p.




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Posted:hi there. Been doing fire hula hoop for a while now and it looks friggin amazing but you are limited in moves because of the nature of construction. there are a few ways to go- prongs, inner and outer rings being the most widely used. Are you a hula hooper already? it helps a whiole lot. are you going to perform this? you need a routine that works you in and then out of fire, which is hard. email me thegoosefairy@yahoo.com for more info.

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Posted:Wow! Now it is 2011 and you can buy fire hoops on ebay, etsy, amazon, fire mecca, home of poi, spun light hoops, spinterz, and more places I'm sure. We don't have the same problems buying pre-made hoops. I am trying to make one myself and I am having trouble finding instructions on-line. But, fire spinners have always been notoriously secretive. There is a $15 video on the spinterz website (although if you've looked around at all you've seen his multiple "posts" advertising his video). Once I make my hoop I too will probably guard closely the steps and the sources I used to make it. But only out of pride. I wish that my motivations were a little less selfish. Maybe email me on a good day and I will tell you how I did it (but I haven't done it yet...)

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