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Posted:Hello all,I've started going to raves regularly this summer, and it's hard not to notice all the people swinging glowing things on strings...some long and some short. From what I've read so far on this site (just found it today) the term poi refers to the long-stringed version. But what I see the most of, and what I've started getting into, is swinging on short strings (around a foot long). It is based more on swinging around the arms rather than the whole body, and the main move is something like a weave, but done with arms together, stretched horizontally, and swinging above and below the arms. Is there a term for this style of swinging? I haven't seen it mentioned on here, and I'm curious.Nate


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Posted:Nate,Poi can be any length.poi kokau = short poi poi waeroa = long poi poi takarahi = single short poi poi takirua = double short poi Short poi is more common type of poi traditionally done by the Maori in New Zealand. And is about 1 foot in length and swung and bounced off the body and hands/arms.Medium poi is a bit longer, who would have guessed
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Long poi, also performed by Maori, is what seems to be popular and is more so depicted on this site. However length is not defined. As with speed and style. There is no one way of doing things. I think your name "swinging on short strings" is just as good a name as any.Kindest regardsMalcolm

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Posted:whats up, just wanted to tell you that the move you are talking about is the corkscrew, they do it above and below the arms instead of behind and in front of the head. same exact concept just doing it with shorter strings so you wont get hit. what raves were you at and where

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Posted:Whats up hairshorts, I rave as well and if thats all the people do at the rave with their short strings then you need to go to some new venues. For exzample, Danny spins his glowsticks short and does all sorts of moves, weaves, corkscrews, windmills, and also has a crazy assortment of wraps, Pozee does these same moves and from all I'v seen from them, It would be a shame for you or anyone else to only do a corkscrew. So as a fellow raver I BEG you, learn all the moves on the poi lessons page, they are all possible with short strings. After you have learned all the moves you'll make up your own moves and then you will understand why it was so important to branch out past a corkscrew. I promise you, once you stop thinking just cause they are short the are only focused around your arms, you will learn so much more and progress as far as your imagination will take you. Good luck my friend.Eric

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Posted:not to be mean . i love poi as much as you do butpoi kokau = short poi poi waeroa = long poi poi takarahi = single short poi poi takirua = double short poi dont you think you going alittle bit farthat justed looked realy funny to me that you actualy knew that. this is my first night on this board and site any site to dill with poi in fact although i have done it for years and to sit here and read some of the thing you guys say trip me out. I mean I'm not as into it as i use to be. Im really trying to get back into it now that i found a site with some moves i did not know. I just amazes me that there is so much info out there on it. I started doing it in Tae Kwon Do it was a belt move. Tie two balls at each end of the belt and swing them in the same way poi is done, any links between the two??????, im sorry i just though that was funny. To night i have go to thinking it was just swinging some glow sticks around and people thought it was cool to a unlimited amount of info on it thats allJasonplur


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Posted:Eric,I didn't mean to come across saying that the only people I've seen with strings are just standing around doing the corkscrew for hours. I've seen plently of people with long strings, and plenty with short. And I have gone beyond the corkscrew for sure, mostly just making up my own stuff and finding what feels good and what flows well. With short strings I feel I have lots of immediate control, which leaves plenty of room for improvisation, which I think is more fun than sticking to sets of regular moves. But I will give the moves in the lessons a try and see where they take me
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Thanks for the reply.Nate

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Posted:Liquid,I realy think the only one going "a little bit far" is you, it is a rare ocasion that I see someone critisizing anyone for too much information.Thanks Malcom for the info,
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I much prefer knowing that I spin poi waeroa and that poi are traditionally done by the Maori in New Zealand, rather than I play with those long flameing chain thingies.A little bit of new information never hurt anyone and this site would be quite useless if posts only contained things everyone knew already.------------------The Sand...The Surf... The Flame.

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