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Posted:Surely for a coloured or special flame you could simply dip your just-soaked wicks into some of the various effect-producing powders? They would stick on because the heads are wet, and should work fine... is this a bad thing to do for some reason I haven't thought of?Oh and I know ordinary table salt has interesting (sparkly!) properties when put on candles etc. but haven't yet tried it with poi/staff... I notice this is unmentioned in the bit about flame effects...BB

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Posted:I posted this idea as my magical breakthrough idea in flame coloring (MrMo's shake and bake method). The bummer is it doesn't seem to color the flame AS much as when it is dissolved in fuel. For boric acid you will get some green in your flame. We've talked about this topic quite a bit lately yet it doesn't seem that that many people actually DO it as much as talk about it. Please let us know how any actual experiments work out.

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Posted:Does using boric acid in your fuel make you sick or anything? What happens if you inhale to much and stuff?


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Posted:Hello Serpentice,The board has discussed coloured flames and toxicity in depth very recently. Please check Social and Tech discussions for live threads on such.I am going to close this thread. We have several going on the topic at present, so please add addtional comments/questions to these

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