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Posted:There i was four nights ago, done a check on my Fire tools every thing fine been doing it for about 20 mins then started throwing them in the air getting in some really good high throws then i mistimed them twice (okay mistakes) which hit the floor hard, took a quick and they seemed fine carried on using them a couple of minutes later i felt something running down my finger. it was only then i realised the tubing had cut through the protective tape, and a had a cut 3 centimetres wide 3 long 1.5 cm deep so at the moment i have two fingers strapped with a splint so i dont bend my finger. i think the moral is you can never inspect your tools enough "propley"has anyone else had any bad injuries

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Posted:Ouch!I had an injury two days ago that's not really poi related, but maybe it will cheer you up :-)I was trying to do a "two man tower" with my friend Glen, which is where I basically stand on his shoulders and then juggle or whatever. I've done this plenty of times before, but he had never done it, and when I stood up on his shoulders he grabbed my legs and said, "Oh, by the way, I have terrible balance." He was pretty wobbly, so I was unable to stay up and when I tried to jump down, he didn't realize to let go of my feet. As you can imagine, I fell directly on my face. My glasses are completely smashed, and my face is a little nicked up, but other than that I'm ok.


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