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Posted:Im i the only goth about that does poi?If there is any one like me in the London area then please email me (shadowblade69@hotmail.com)

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Posted:Im not a goth but I do listen to metal and stuff as well as some dance music. I spin with about 8 other people although we tend to practice to dance music. most of us are into rock and metal et al..A bit off the track but i went to see weezer in london at the empire the other day and they were awesome
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handlebar moustaches are funny :)

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Posted:I'm a goth, among other things. There are quite a few goths and goth-industrial folks here in San Francisco that spin poi.


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Posted:If you look around a bit ... I think you'll find that many Goth and Goth-type people are fire performers.raevonwww.incendium.org

Posted:I had a dream last night, about a goth / industrial fire performance...twas cool
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Posted:So maybe im just a bit open minded ...but maybe someone can explain to me what the difference between a goth fire performer and any other fire performers is?I mean does everything have to be split into categories...."Hi, I love fire dancing, know anyone else?"

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Posted:yeah;goths are lovely ppl who are always happy to share their fire skills, and love to meet and watch other groups of ppl who may or may not ahve something to offer them on a personal or a professional level.
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Posted:Its good to see that their are Goths doing poi and fire twirling. I am one of few gothic twirlers in my area...hell, i am one of the few gothic people at all in my area! But especially in some places in Melbourne that i have been, my friends that are Goths love fire (not as in the way pyromaniacs do) and therefore are good twirlers. But who really cares if you are a Gothic person or not? As long as you twirl its all good. Who cares anyhow? Goths, 'macabre' and 'gloomy' people, so what? The more fire twirlers out their the better!:Chotys:

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