Posted: I have seen several photos of people doing Fire Poi w/ crazy sparks shooting out of them. did they construct these? can you buy them somewhere?

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Posted:Man, how many times will this topic come up? I know that I alone have posted how to make sparkler Poi at least 3-4 times in the past few weeks alone. Here is the most recent thread:


Posted:ok thats cool. but what about sparks and fire.


Posted:like this pic... is he using there




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Posted:Dude, I'm gonna step in before someone less polite does. There have been an EXTREME amount of postings asking on how to make sparkly-poi, which is what you have pictured there. So much so that the site has changed its format, instituded and deinstituted a yellow warning sign, then instituted a grey one. "How do I make sparkly poi?" is becoming an inside joke within HOP and I'd hate to see you step on the landmine. I'm a newbie myself but the Vets are gonna start to get rightfully cranky on this one. Search through the old postings to find your answer. And don't ask about the weave... trust me. There are some great Poi people out there, don't get the wrong impression. I'm just imagining the faces of the poor professionals and semi-pros who have seen this question monthly...I hope I don't come across as mean, I'm just giving you a heads up.[Now here's the part where someone totally misunderstands my geniune statements and reads them as sarcasm and attacks me back... Everyone pretend to be surprised, OK?]

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Posted:Wait, are you guys sure there's actually 5 beats in a 5-beat weave?


Posted:*sighs in defeat*very well. thanks for the warning


Posted:in case you are still unable to find the answers you are looking for, here's a page with links to a bunch of sparkly Poi threads. e=temp -2452095-122426-Hyny.cgi&Total=11&StartAt=A:you will have to copy and paste this URL cuz its too long.may the farce be with you.Josh[This message has been edited by [Josh] (edited 04 July 2001).]



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Posted:a guy sent me an e-mail saying her made cages nad filled the with steel wool-wrapped kevlar.. im thinking very cool effect but seeingas how its little molten bit of steel flying around i wouldnt advise it.. unless you were on cement with no peopl around.. and if theres no peopl whats the point??------------------A Faeries Heart Beats Fierce and Free!!!!!

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