Posted:I am in the process of making streamers (of ripstop nylon) for my poi. How long should they be before they get in the way of my swinging?

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Posted:I think it depends how long your poi is, and how fast you spin. Mine seem to be ok at about 3/4 the length of the poi.



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Posted:The tails on the Zuni and Comet poi are both about four feet long, making the tails almost twice as long as the cables. Once you are fairly proficient this is a good length, but even then they still get tangles sometimes.I made my first set of streamer poi from scratch while visiting my parents over the xmas holidays. I'm pretty handy with a sewing machine and it still took me the better park of an afternoon to make them. Unfortunately they started to leak plastic beads about 4-5 days later. After numerous repair jobs, I finally sccumbed to purchasing a set of Zuni poi. ;-)It was a good learning experience, but I don't think I'd do it again. I knew it really wouldn't be cost effective to make my own from the get-go, but (1) I needed a set to fullfil my addiction ASAP and (2) I needed something to occupy time while at the parent's place.I'd *really* like to find a shop that will make a whole bunch to my design spec which is a cross between Zuni's and Comet's. I'm really sick of patching my Zuni's every few weeks, and I know how to make something that will withstand far more abuse, but I don't have the time to sew them myself.
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Posted:If you have a problem with them falling apart, it seems like it would make sense to make the head out of something studier like leather or canvas, and make the tail out of whatever light fabric you liked.

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Posted:I've never had any problems with the Zuni. I've still got the pair I got back in January, and while the ends of the tails are getting a little ragged, everything else is going strong. This includes the cables, the handles (single strap style), and the heads.This is one of the red-and-purple pairs. I've noticed some friends having various troubles with the yellow-and-orange ones, ranging from the head detaching from it's little metal clip (!) to the joined two-finger noose-thingy handle getting easily torn. But mine have served me well for many months under heavy use.


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