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Posted:Hey,I just started twirling this weekend; my cousin introduced me to the concept while clubbing, and I think it's greatWhat I use though, is probably to short of a cord (about a foot); it's 'glowing' necklace that I got from the Bay, (a department store for those who don't know). It's basically just a small LED with a clear plastic shape (dragons, hearts, butterflies, stars...) at the end and a simple circuit, all for about $7 USD.I was wondering if the short cord really does restrict me; also, my priorities lie in dancing with them, so crowded areas are likely place I'll be using them (which is why a shorter cord may be valuable)Also, I was introduced to dancing with photon lights. The ones I tried were meant to be used for camping, as a signal or something (I'm sure you already know what I'm refering to). Is there any website that gives some directions to using these, and/or glowsticks without the 'poi' element?Thanks in advance

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Posted:Welcome Knight, to the wonderful land of HOP!Short strings are great. You can do some moves with them that you cant with longer ones. Likewise, you give up a few features too. Math says the that string lenght doesnt affect speed. It feels like it though, because it takes less time for your poi to complete a revolution. So you have to be a lot quicker with your wrist and hand movements for one. Using longer poi, you have the opportunity to accentuate your moves, and flow slower and more graceful. Not saying you cant do this with short strings, but I personally find it more difficult. Id recommend that you learn with both. Then you can learn to wrap the strings around your hands to shorten them while you are dancing, and switch to short. The cords you use sound pretty cool though. Does that store have a website or anything?On the photon sticks... unfamiliar. Are they glowstix? If they are, check for your trusty dusty search button up there and look both here and the social discussion group. Many many many invaluable ideas and knowledge. ------------------We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.~Edgar Cayce



Posted:The cords I'm using, don't have a website, at least not one I'm familiar with, but I'll elaborate on what they are:It's really supposed to be a glow 'necklace', which is why the cord is only about a foot long (well, the loop's circumference is about 2 feet, but when you swing them, it's halved). Where the clasp would be on a necklace, there are the batteries (replaceable, of course). One cord goes from the batteries to the LED, then another from the LED back to the batteries. What serves as the switch is a magnet; depending on where there second cord is attached, it will light either on or off.The LEDs come in two colors, red and blue (perhaps others that I have not seen as well). Red is nice, but I believe it is because blue light has a shorter wavelength, that it is much brighter; when I compared them, blue could not only easily be illuminated, but it also brightens it's surroundings noticably. The red is not as bright, and it's light is mostly focused on the plastic shape at the end.The shapes are as follows, as I know them:BLUE: Star, Butterfly, Dolphin, CrossRED: Dragon, Heart, CrownSeems pretty good and simple for $7. On another note, they are fairly lightweight, not meant for poi really, and the shapes don't hurt when accidents happen (except the dragon, whose tail is somewhat sharp)The photon lights are something like this: are not the one's I have, but very similar. I find they are much (MUCH) brighter than a glowstick, but should be used the same way (IE, swung in the same patterns)What is especially fun is getting several of these in different colors, and switching them on the fly, truly an interesting effect, one I hope to bring to poiKnightOfDawn, hereafter posting as "Phong Do"



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Posted:Hey there knight! Nice to see another neon enthusiest!my twirlers were specialy designed so that they glow in ultra light and have slots to slide glow sticks in ! You know if you get good clubs will pay for twirlers to do their promotional work,. i had a friend that was making $100 AU a night ($58.9US) so keep it up man
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