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Posted:Aight, two questions. One is what do you all use as cables when you are spinning glowsticks (i.e. shoelaces, lanyards,... other) and how long [also do you weight your sticks]? Questions number two is: I am very interested to start spinning fire but would really like a "safety manual" or an "information booklet" on it so that I am safe about it as not to really harm myself. Thanks for you input.-Hessam

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Posted:There have been a lot of safety discussions here in the past. If you click the little "search" link at the top and search on "safety," you'll see a bunch. Here are some best-ofs.http://www.homeofpoi.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000075.htmlhttp://www.homeofpoi.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000775.htmlfwiw, I don't usually spin glowsticks. When I do, I hook them onto my fire chains together with dummy wicks for extra weight.

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Posted:I spin glowsticks so I can't help you with the Fire Spinning. I use oval laces, they don't seem to get tangled on wraps as much. You can get them at almost any skate shop, like $1.75. Like all other strings they will get ruined, when this happens, just flip them around, like new, you have a set of strings that last you twice as long. I spin my glowsticks longer than most people, from my right hand to my left pit. Of course this makes it difficult not to hit the ground when I do BTB weaves so as I'm spinning I cross them to the opposite side of me and let them wrap my hand once more, then I go into the BTB weave and it's all good. I don't weigh my sticks seeing as I spin 6 inch sticks, it's always the same. If you don't know how to set up your sticks, I'll tell you.1.) cut the hooks of your stix nicely (this way they don't get caught on anything when you're doing wraps)2.) tie a knot at the very end of your strings (just on one end of each)3.) slip the lace through the hole on the glowstick.4.) don't crack them with your hands (spin them for a second or so then crack them on the ground,this is nice to watch seeing as everyone was thinking you were an idiot for spinning dead sticks)5.) HAVE FUN, this is the most important part, as long as you're having fun no one can say anything to you.even if you already know all this, it may help someone who doesn't so I decided to put it in.Well I hope we have more little talks.Eric

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Posted:Hey Hessam,I spin glowsticks when playing indoors, and have attached them to string, cable and chains. Use your imagination, there'd be heaps of possibilities.....



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Posted:A couple of things...First, this should probably be in the technical discussion and not the social discussion.The answer to fire safety can be found in the A-Z guide on this site http://www.homeofpoi.com/articles/guide.htmWhat
you choose for cables, and the length to make them is entirely user preference. Most people seem to like shoelaces since they don't tangle, and untangle easily if they do. Do not underestimate the importance of this in a dark club and/or when you might be slightly (or perhaps seriously) impared. WRT length, I've spun cable from as short as 12 inches to as long as five feet. The only physical factor limiting length is that you need heavier Poi when you have longer cables.Otherwise, experiment and have fun!-p.


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Posted:I agree pj, so I moved it. As for swinging glowsticks all I can say to that is because I started on fire, if and when I ever spin stix I have to attach them to something weighty in order to get them t go where i want them to.As for fire, please do a search and use what FAQ info there is, this topic has been covered extensively many times before.Thanks!
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Posted:Hey, Myst--That bit about starting up your glowsticks unlit and then cracking them on the ground was totally news to me. Sounds pretty cool. (Of course, I don't spin glowsticks, so I wouldn't know cool shit like that... but if I ever do try glowsticks, I'll definitely have to try that move!)And your point #5, about remembering to have fun... well, people may know that already, but it's always good to be reminded. Thanks for putting that in.




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Posted:When I use glow sticks I just attach them to my cables (which you can buy here seperatly).They are a bit light so I tend to use two glow sticks per cable which makes them heavier and makes some wicked colour
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. patterns.peace out
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Posted:I don't use shoelaces, but I use Nylon rope that you'd find in the camping section of walmart... it's like 2 bucks for 50yrds or so.. the rope feels quite a bit like shoelaces (at least to me it does. I mean, I know it's not all that often that the strings would need to be replaced, but it is cheaper.


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