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Posted:Ive noticed a trend in my endeavors to get 'good'. I go through peaks where all I can think about is twirling; choreographing moves and routines out in my head, etc. I go through horrible slumps though as well, where Ill pick em up for like 10 minutes and throw em back down, mind all fuzzed up. I guess each cycle lasts about 2 weeks... with the moon maybe? Heh. So usually what gets me off my but is just forgetting all the stuff I planned out, or just drilled myself in learning, and just spinning them around. I never fail to learn something I never thought of, and find my inspiration to develop further. Either that or I check out a few of the vids on this site and get floored again!
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So does anyone else go through these periods? If so, what is your inspiration to get back on track?P.S. ~ I know this is borderline social group, but I figured Id post it here cause it directly relates to poi and the dynamics of it. Move it if you want to. No hard feelings.------------------We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.~Edgar Cayce


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Posted:Shibaki, yer funny. I think it fits in here better in the technical discussion though, so I will move it there.I also think this is a fabulous question, since I too go through these cycles. Mine I don't think are as frequent or on schedule as your two week bouts. Mine, I believe, stem from frustration, either from a less than perfect show or stress in life. I will get flustered and will put the toys down and not look back. Then I will read, see or think something that will kind of edge me into wanting to spin a bit more. Then some song will really move me and I will think back to something I could do to it and just full throttle into swinging again. There have also been these horrible slumps that I have performed through and really have not wanted anything to do with poi, alot of which stems from having a very lackidasical..sp?.. performance partner who is just irritating at times. What happens then is I meet with the East Coast people or I have a nice long "chat" with Chris from Fireworks and they have never failed in inspiring me, even if they don't realise it.The one good thing I like about the slumps, believe it or not, is that when I come out of them I always learn something new, or find a new way to move or something. It is as if stepping back has given me a subconcious perspective that I can utilize to push myself and my craft farther. I don't think the slumps are bad at all for me but rather more of a contemplative down time. It also gives me some realism, reassuring me that I do not live my life around poi or performing, that I am not so consumed by it all, yet.
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Besides when I am "slumping" I tend to focus on my other passion..writing.. and I can't complain about that.Best to you!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...[This message has been edited by Pele (edited 08 June 2001).]

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Posted:I haven't really been doing this long enough to observe cycles, but I certainly have felt more into twirling at some times than at others. I don't think there's a regular pattern to it.I never actually disenjoy practicing, but sometimes I feel like I'm just going through the motions (a neutral feeling, you might say). Other times I just have poi on the brain and can't wait to have another twirl-session.

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Posted:'zactly what Pele said, especially the part about music. Just one song is sometimes all it takes.Also going to see other people do any sort of skill-tasks, be it acrobatics or even playing instruments, seems to get me in the mood as well.On the topic of cycles... Ive found there are times when Im more willing to do the movement/choreography/do-what-looks-good, whereas other times Im more interested in learning new things.Just riding the flow really. =)




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Posted:I am also a beginner, but so damn addicted to it that I try to spin every day.Anyway, I agree with you and I have to admit that cycles definitely rule a lot of my life. The process of learning cannot be this one regular peaceful line, right ? In times of "lack of dynamic" for poiz, I found that I received quite a lot of inspiration in teaching to complete beginners, cause they'd do something unexpected which turns out really good and just makes you grab your poiz again and spin all night long... know what I mean ?

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