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Posted:All,I recently started getting really into strings..etc..and i have learned a bunch of tricks, but i was wondering..***How the HELL do i go from one trick to another without getting them tangled and making them look like they are just flying around everywhere?Any tips???***Thanx =)o--!~*PLuR*~!RaChElLe

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Posted:well, one good way is to pratice practice practice, but i'm sure thats not the answer you wanted. a good thing to remember is to take it slow, look at what your sticks are doing and the mores moves you know, the easier it will be for you to transition. and the key is : IT'S ALL IN THE WRISTS!!!you've gotta be flexible in the wrists, because sometimes it's just a slight flick that gets the stick going the way you want it to
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if you are looking for a specific transition, go to the serach button and search for "transitions", as there are a few good threads on this very same topic.hope this helps!

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Posted:alot of transitions i use are actual moves. go to the poi lessons (if you haven't already) i use low turn, high turn, windmill, and tuck turn alot to go trick to trick. also wraps help alot too. good luckPLUR------------------the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.

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Posted:what i do to look for transisions is i slow down moves and see if there are parts of them that are smilar to other moves. i know, i cant explain anything well, but an example of this would be going straight from a windmill, turn then go into a reverse weave...i know bad example...good luck we were all new at one time or another------------------bring light into the night

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Posted:here's the first one I learned, Butterly to weave, do a butterfly and as they reach their peak at the top, bring them down to whichever side you most commonly start your weave at, and just do a weave. I'm not real good at explaining stuff so I hope you get the idea. another good Idea is to learn any move you do forward in reverse, this make it simple to link tricks with a simple turn.have fun------------------If a nuclear bomb went off, we'de all be giant glowstix, think about it, spinning with your two best friends would have a whole new meaning.

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Posted:Instead of butterfly into weave, I really like high turn into weave. That came to me while I was still trying to learn the high turn and get it smooth and reliable -- I found myself going, "Hey, the way these suckers come down, you could just fly straight into the weave with it..."



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Posted:It is really all about getting used to the weight of the poi in your hands first. Once you start getting a certain move down really well then you should be able to move your hands *totally* w/o the poi and still be able to visualize/feel it moving through your hands. By doing this you can get a closer look at the rotation of the spin, from that you can tell how to move in and out of that particular rotation. Also, it helps tenfold to watch other people. Find some people in your area that swing. Every one I have ever seen swing seems to have a different way to transition in and out of things... so there is no real wrong or right way that anyone can just post up here and you'll automatically get... it is something you have to feel your way through. Goodluck!


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